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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

Accommodation Officer

page 28

Accommodation Officer

Ray Rowlings

Ray Rowlings

Ray Rawlings is a third year Arts Student and has often been caught up in the relentless vertex of student activities, and as a result has been to the odd lecture, in Extrav, Her Majesty's guest and over the usual hazy tour of Wellington. Last year he almost got a unit.

He lists as his personal reasons for wanting to be an Exec, member desires to:

1.Make statements of resounding noise - but only on controversial issues
2.Wear a Prefects badge
3.Take a free taxi home on wet nights
4.Be the Vice Chancellor's 'Boy'
5.Shake hands with the cops at demonstrations
6.Qualify for free cups of coffee from the Student Union Coffee Bar every second Thursday night
7.Gatecrash the Weir House Ball.

He believes:

1.The function of the Executive is to delay
2.The Queen is a fink
3.Security police should eat more rice
4.Students are best

Personal peculiarities:

1.Does not know what year it is
2.Actually enjoys South African Wine
3.Keeps forgetting which side to part his hair

If elected as Accommodation Officer:

I shall endeavour to have all students' flats furnished with brass-bound spitoons (delux model bearing engraving of Varsity crest).

I shall have a motion to have Boyd's office converted to a 10 be hostel.

I promise to organise a mixed Marquee (overnight) to be held early in 1967 in Parliament grounds to protest student accommodation shortage.

Jim Wallace

Jim Wallace

Jimmy Wallace is a third year law student. He takes an active interest in rugby and tennis, is Secretary of the Debating Society, and is a former committee member of the French Club.

Coming from outside Wellington he is familiar with the accommodation problems confronting students. He has experienced both life in Weir House and flatting.

Jimmy's policy is developed on the following lines:

He believes that the present serious accommodation problem can best be approaohed by a vigorous three-fold attack, involving Liaison, Pressure and Research.

Liaison: He will aot as Liaison officer between the Government, University authorities, charitable and other organisations interested in student accommodation and the student body through the Executive, thus keeping all interested parties abreast of developments in the solution of the accommodation problem.

Pressure: He will work with the Public Relations Officer to keep the general public, the University authorities, the Government and interested organisations aware of the extent and seriousness of the accommodation problem, pressuring them for assistance in its solution. He will especially bear in mind that this is an opportune time for such pressure.

He will be available to students to discuss accommodation problems they might have and if required will make representations on their behalf to the appropriate authority.

Research: As Chairman of the Acoommodation Committee he will lead the Committee into research covering all aspects of present and future student accommodation. He believes that his legal knowledge will assist him in this task. Such information can then be used to enlighten those who seek to solve the problems of accommodation.