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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

Chairman, House Committee

page 27

Chairman, House Committee

John Moriarty

John Moriarty

John Moriarty is a second year Arts student, who has wide committee experience. He was this year's Charity Collection Controller and as such a member of the Capping Committee. He is also a member of the Social, Cultural Affairs and Public Relations Committees. John is seeking election as House Committee Chairman for two reasons. First he believes students should take an active part in the community at large through their Association, and secondly he considers there is much room for improvement in the running of the S.U.B.

As Chairman of the House Committee John will offer a better administrative service to clubs and individuals using Student Union facilities. Gone Will be those unsightly litterboards where students can rarely find a notice because of all the advertising for activities long sinoe ended. Instead, his committee will watch the noticeboards to ensure that everyone gets a fair go. Your candidate will press for more telephones in the Student Union. The present situation is quite ludicrous and energetic action must obviously be taken. Newspapers should be sold on the campus, and if elected John will encourage the establishment of honesty-boxes for Wellington daily papers. As a member of the Executive he will also be concerned with broader issues, and feels a particular concern for those affecting University education. He favours the inclusion of Teacher Training Colleges in N.Z.U.S.A., and will work for improved study conditions for students.

He is concerned at apparent enefficiency in N.Z.U.S.A. and in some areas of the Association. If elected John will support the reform of the Constitution, a work which cannot be safely delayed any longer.

John believes that urgent student problems need urgent action. Accommodation problems, study problems and other broader issues are all matters within the competence of the Executive. With energy, satisfactory answers can be found for all these matters. John Moriarty offers that energy.

Paul Peretz

Paul Peretz

Paul Peretz is a 23 year old, full time arts student majoring in Economics and Political Science. He was educated at a private school in England and prior to starting university worked for six years holding various technioal and executive posts in advertising. He was a member of last year's Winter Tournament committee and is at present a member of the Political Science Club and International Committees and Secretery of the Labour Party Club. His interests include International Affairs, tennis and art.

Policy - The job of House Committee falls naturally into two ports - the day to day running of the Union Building, and the preparation for the extension of Union facilities to cope with the ever increasing student roll.

Into the first part fall such activities as noticeboard allocation, room booking arrangements, club locker allocations, newsheet preparations and distribution, and coffee bar administration.

The second consists basically of research into the future needs of students and ensuring that these needs are met by the provision of adequate facilities.

Some of the more obvious where aotion is needed include:

The New Floor: During 1967 a new third floor will be added to the Union building. This will involve a complete reorganisation of the existing facilities. I would endeavour to ensure that the minimum of inconvenience was caused to students by this and that the maximum benefits were realized at the end of the process.

Noticeboards: A rationalisation of the present disorganised system is needed. I would replace this with a system of functional noticeboords, one for social funotions, one for personal advertisements, and of course a space for each club.

Cafetaria: While realising that some increases in cast are unavoidable I would do my utmost to keep these to a minimum.

Coffee Bar: Despite the difficulties, I would try to get the Coffee Bar running at a profit by (a) encouraging new ideas such as regular folk evenings (b) streamlining operating methods.

Student Bookshop: In the absence of a full-time student bookshop I would endeavour to organise a temporary bookshop for the peak buying period, the first two weeks of term.

General Policy: As an Executive member I would support closer links with N.Z.U.S.A. in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of work effort. I would, in view of the poor financial position of the Association, examine carefully proposals involving the use of student funds before voting for them. Generally I would endeavour to consider each question in as objective a way as possible and find out the facts before making a decision.