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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

Cultural Affairs Officer

page 26

Cultural Affairs Officer

Maryna Glowacki

Maryna Glowacki

Maryna Glowacki is an Arts student who intends to major in English and Russian. Her experience in the Students' Association is as follows: Assistant Secretary to VUWSA Secretary, Secretary to Arts Festival Committee, Secretary to Orientation sub-committee, member of '65/66 Cultural Affairs sub-commit tee, member of '65/66 Public Relations sub-committee. She has an A.T.C.L. qualification in music, is a member of the Chamber Music Society, and has played an active part in both the VUW Music Socity Choir and VUW Drama Club.

Policy: As Cultural Affairs Officer I will endeavour to administer the position as I interpret it in the total structure of the Students' Association. Since the primary function of this office is to co-ordinate the activities of the cultural clubs and societies, this will always remain my chief concern.

I feel that membership of cultural clubs can play an important part in the life of every student. I will work, therefore, towards the involvement of all students. Arts, Law, Commerce and Science, in these activities.

Although the previous committee has done much towards the purchase and hire of paintings for the Student Union, this project needs to be brought to fruition.

There is something lacking, a certain third dimension perhaps, in the diversity of cultural activities at the University. I am prepared, if sufficient people are interested, to initiate and organise an Art Club, whose main functions would be instructive.

If elected I will approach the Chief Librarian with a view to arranging exhibitions of students' arts and crafts.

I will endeavour to keep myself informed of all club and society plans and ensure that they get adequate coverage by the student press.

In view of my past experience of student organisation I feel capable of chairing the Cultural Clubs Council impartially, and ensuring that the allocation of grants is proportional to the industry and tally of the members.

I am sure, if I may quote Wallace Stevens, that "the aquiring facts will not exceed the squamous mind".

Chris Hector

Chris Hector

Chris Hector is a second year arts student aged 20. He is on the Cultural Affairs Committee and is a representative on the Cultural Clubs Council. He is the Secretary of the German Club, Secretary of the Camera Club, has taken part in several of the Drama Club's productions, is a keen member of the University Choir, has played in the University Orchestra, and is also a member of the International Club and the Philosophical Society. His interests include drama, musio, squash and photography.

1.As this is the first year that Arts Festival stands by itself, I feel that a special effort will be necessary. This can only be achieved by encouraging the cultural clubs to prepare ambitious work in plenty for presentation at Massey in August.
2.The present system of cultural clubs' grants is far too elaborate to work smoothly. I should like to thoroughly investigate the entire operation of the Cultural Clubs' Committee and eliminate all unnecessary red tape.
3.I would like to see many more workshops and courses, along the general lines of the recent successful debating workshop. I think these could be especially worthwhile in drama and the fine arts.
4.I feel it is grossly unfair that there is such a stiff fee for the use of the Memorial Theatre. This is the only student union facility that clubs have to pay for, and soma are completely dependent on it for their work.
5.Above all I want to give every encouragment to clubs to get down and do something. If clubs can be persuaded to get their work on show, we have something tangible on which to recruit new members from next years' intake, and build up even more enthusiasm. Good work can only be done by the clubs and will only work if they have the incentive of their work being seen and evaluated by the bulk of the student body and the public at large.
Larry Stenswick

Larry Stenswick

Larry Stenswick is a second year Arts student in Economics. In 1963-1964 he was a student at the University of Minnesota where he was a committeeman in the Minnesota Students' Association and treasurer of the American Field Service Returnees. He has taken an active interest in University activities including this year's production of Extravaganza. He is an avid skier and enjoys the occasional game of rugby.

Policy: All too often those standing for the positions on Executive have put forward fancy and gradiose ideas which have failed to materialise after the elections. Instead students often only hear of the financial bungling which seems to tcke up so much of Exec's time. As Cultural Affairs Officer I would try to promote the one thing that effects all students - fiscal responsibility. I feel that this post, with initiative, can be one of the most important positions for the control of expenditure.

I want to work for the adoption of a rule requiring that all cultural clubs submit bi-monthly financial reports. Preferably, these reports would be given at meetings of delegates from those clubs. With better finance and collective strength, these clubs would be in a better position to obtain grants from Exec. As a member of the Exec. I will work for a more centralised means of expenditure so that up-to-date records can be kept. This may be possible only through the hiring of a full-time accountant/overseer. But even this would not be enough; I want to work for a much wider publication of all expenditure. Each student should be entitled to know where his £6.10.0. is going, and this has not been possible in the past.

Also, I hope that some new University activities can be started. For example, I have spoken at length with one student, experienced in band organisation, who hopes to organise a VUW Jazz Band, along the line of the University of Denver's. A project of this type could be a real benefit to the students and a credit to the University.

There is no shortage of ideas - an art competition and exhibition could be organised, the film society could be reactivated, coffee hours for touring entertainers could be held, and greater student concessions at cultural events could be arranged. I shall give encouragement and support to those types of projects, but will refrain from embarking on pie-in-the-sky projects which lack student support and end in financial ruin. This seems to be the case with many of the recent Exec. efforts.

If elected Cultural Affairs Officer, I shall work hard to help end the current pre-occupation with lost and mis-managed funds, and I shall do my best to see that Exec. decisions are made to the greatest benefit of all students.