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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

Sports Officer

Sports Officer

Dick Grant

Dick Grant

Dick Grant it a third year Arts student, majoring in Modern languages. He has boon a NZU Hookey Rep and has a Viotoria Blue for that sport; he is a Wellington 'B' Hookey rep. He is also a keen squash, cricket and tennis player, with expertones in sports organisation. Dick feels that there should be an able and enthusiastic sportsman in the position of Sports officer; he has this qualification.

Dick considers it necessary to ally all Sports Clubs behind Sports Committee to give this body more administrative and organisational unity. This is vitally important as next year's Easter Tournament will be at Vio.

Following the increase in Students' Association fees last year, Dick will ensure that Sports Clubs receive an increased share of Students' Association funds.

Dick will advertise the diversity of Sports clubs to suit the diversity of interests, and thus bring Sport closer to the individual student. Amidst growing academic awareness Dick feels it is vital that the position of Sport should be emphusised; this means catering not only for the top sportsmen, but also for the average student. Emphasis can thus be placed on gymnasium facilities, which should be used to their fullest extent.

Dick will insist on improved organisation throughout university sport, increasing grants to help with this.

He will investigate the possibilities of improving the Facilities of Boyd Wilson field, and widening its scope.

Dick will ensure that the public are made aware of the sporting as well as cultural achievements of the University, and this he shall do by close co-operation with the Public Relations Officer.

Dick Grant - A Sportsman for Sports Officer.

Geoff Rashbrooke

Geoff Rashbrooke

Geoff Rashbrooke, aged 20, is a science graduate in Mathematics [unclear: oing] an Arts degree in the social sciences before advancing to [unclear: onours]. He received secondary schooling in Gisborne and at- [unclear: ended] Auckland University until coming to his senses he shifted [unclear: o] V.U.W. in 1964.

Salient Sports writor in 1964, Sports Editor in 1965, he gain- [unclear: d] a thorough insight into University sports administration, [unclear: ttending] Sports Committee meetings, and reporting '64 and '65 inter Tournaments, '65 Easter Tournament. In 1965 he was one [unclear: f] the few to believe that V.U.W. had a good chance of winning inter Tournament, and said so in Salient by way of offering to at his sports page. He served on Winter Tournament Committee [unclear: nd] was Harrier Controller. He is also on the 1967 Easter Tournment Committee.

[unclear: is] main sporting interest is in the Harriers; V.U.W. club [unclear: hampion] '64, runner-up '65, HB-PB representative 63 and '64. [unclear: s] a member of the V.U.W. Athletic Club, at school played [unclear: ssociation] Football, Hockey, Table Tennis and sailed P.Z, and Class yachts. At Auckland University he belonged to Judo, [unclear: sociation] Football and Harrier clubs, running ror A.U. at [unclear: unadin] in '63. Belongs to the V.U.W. Tramping Club, Harrier [unclear: ivision] has ployed Indoor Basketball for the V.U.W. 'D' team [unclear: ith] conspicuous lack of ability.

He belongs to the Folk Club and Social Science Club. His most spectacular contribution to the student image has been in collaboration with an alleged Mr Whitehouse to produce/perpetrate Cappicade '66.

1.Representation: My main duty will be to represent sports clubs and sports-playing students on the Executive. It has been my impression that there is a certain gap between administration and player; I hope to rectify this by making my phone number and address freely available for people to make inquiries and voice complaints.
2.Grants: Through the efforts of the present Sports Officer, Tony Hassed, the grants procedure has been streamlined and grants pass through Executive with a minimum of fuss. I believe my experience in sports administration and wide sporting background will enable me to continue to improve this efficient system.
3.N.Z.U.S.A: Having reported the inoeption of the Now Zealand Universities Sports Union in its present form, and followed its development into a fully autonomous body, I consider myself wellequiped to act in liaison between VUW Exec., NZUSA and the VUW Sports Committee.
4.Sport Social Committee: I support the formation of the said committee as a stop forward to greater co-operation between sports clubs. This committee will also facilitate fund-raising for tours etc, and take charge of the successful Blues Dinner.
5.New Clubs: I will give all encouragement possible to relatively new clubs like Volley-ball and Karate; I believe the wider range of sports available, the better-off the student community.

Elections 20th, and 21st, June