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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

Tourney Poser For Vic

Tourney Poser For Vic

Next Year the responsibility of organising luster Tournament will fall heavily on the Victoria administration— such as St is. The prospect of the massive organisation involved has the student pollticos more than a little worried. Only after some difficulty has a Tournament Controller been found with some qualifications for a job of this nature.

Victoria like its counterpart Auckland suffers from the problem of the ever fulling "public image" and the ever growing so called student' apathy, a deadly combination when" one is faced with approximately 300 billets to find and the entertainment of them over a long weekend such as Easter.

Auckland in running its Winter Tournament last August incurred a £1000 loss, a sum, incidently, which all students helped pay with scarcely a facial twitch. This loss is in keeping with the general trend set by Victoria in the financial shambles resulting from Winter Tournament 65. The Tournament losses described would be bearable if the organisation reflected the money and time that had gone into them, but all to frequently this was not the case. People not met by billeters, competitors lost and uninformed are all too frequent and put a shabby complexion on any Tournament.

Last August's Tournament, was in some ways a branchout. The Auckland organisers were determined to up-grade Tournament social functions Ball tickets soared to £2/10/ making the ball a venue for the few who had the money and were quick enough to purchase tickets. Up-grading of this nature is all very well, but organisers must remember that their efforts are to entertain visitors who are existing on limited finances, If the social functions are too fat outside of the ordinary competitor from Dunedin or Wellington then there is little point in running it as a tournament function.

By and large, Auckland organisation considering the difficulties, did well. Our problems here at Victoria will be similar. The whole tournament needs students in every capacity. Problems faced cannot be blamed entirely on an unreceptive public. Students must be prepared to give a hand especially those who take advantage of all the social amenities that will be offered.

Major cost items faced by Auckland were transport and the hiring of halls and grounds, for competitions, and it is likely that these two items will also represent our major costs at Easter next year. However, the costs, the administration and the competitions also will take large amounts of the Budget for Tournament.

For the sake of inter-varsity sport it is vital that tournaments be kept going and their continuance, already in the balance, is dependant on everyone's enthusiastic support.

Published by the Victoria Universify of Wellington Students' Association (Inc.) and printed by News Media Ownership Ltd,, 23-27 Garrett Street, Wellington, New Zealand.