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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

Must students look scruffy?

page 2

Must students look scruffy?

Sir,—It's humiliating enough with a student image little above that of the New Zealand police force, so why must we display the bristly visage of that talking toilet-brush, Forum Fred?

I hoped we had seen the last of this with the demise of "El Crud" last year. But alas! It seems that "The Spook" has fathered a line of hairy descendants and one of them has taken refuge in Salient.

If we must have these characters in Salient, couldn't we perhaps run a cartoon projecting the image of a more mature. self-confident. pipe-smoking, tweedy individual? We might even call him James Exec. (Well, perhaps not.)

But it would seem that there is a time-dishonoured basic student moronic archetype. Two years ago Salient published a scathing article directed at the impeccablydressed student. This, raved the powers-that-be. reflected affluence!

Looking back. it gives rise to some interesting speculation, like "was George Wilder secretly on Exec?"

However, what I am leading up to is my contention that the standard student model be phased out of operation and we open 1967 by unveiling to the public the New Student | Image—an image that clearly 'stamps the individual as the initiator of progress rather than a recipient of CORSO, as a leader of men rather than as a hairy suffragette chained to the pillars of Parliament House.

W. S. White.