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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

• Nostril

• Nostril

The atmosphere of the Library affects another type, the Nostril. The Nostril steps into the library for the first time a week or two before first exam, after probably having had to inquire the way. Ignorant of library decorum, he is liable to be seen munching a raw carrot or stroking his 12-string guitar. He looks around, bewildered by the determined looks on the faces that hurry. He notices large rooms which are as still as a mausoleum. He tries to recall what impulse brought him through those black portals on which was written, for all who dared behold. "In," Then suddenly, the atmosphere takes its toll. It will inflict a Nostril in two ways: He begins either to twitch as if poisoned or gasp as if suffocating. Within seconds he is in acute distress and led by his ailing nose, will speed directly for the "Out."

Sometimes a Nostril, impelled by a devilish urge, may loudly sing some portion of favourite song as he makes his escape, or if the Nostril a girl, she may contemplate standing on a table and without a word of warning, demurely removing her clothes.