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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

• Gleaner

• Gleaner

While the Jitterbug page 13goes home at night feeling more unprepared than ever, the GLEANER will feel the glow of work well done, even though both have actually read the same amount. The GLEANER likes to think that he savours his material in his mouth, masticating carefully before each swallow. To keep himself fresh, he will constantly change the subject of his reading. The GLEANER looks up from his books a good deal, sometimes to observe through the window, a flood of poetic sensibility. The pastel-coloured houses of the city, standing in a cluster below him like a sultry Moslem town. Then he will sigh, deep and satisfied. At times, certain passages in his reading—so droll are they— will bring a smile across his lips and upon occasion, even evince an open chuckle.