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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

And in conclusion ..

And in conclusion ...

This Issue is the twenty-sixth and last issue of Salient which I will edit. In two years of my editorship, Salient has published just on a million words.

I first joined Salient because I believe that this paper can be a significant part of university life and of value to the Wellington community as well.

I believe students have much that is important to say. I think that when said clearly and responsibly, it will be listened to.

I think students are too caught up in the myths of "student apathy" and the "student image". They are in fact part of a widely varied and at times quite exciting community which is more alive and more important than almost any other group of a similar size in New Zealand.

New Zealand's future will be shaped by today's university students. The only limit on what can be done is the enthusiasm of those who try to do it.

I wish next year's editors, Mr. G. Currie and Mr. B. Saunders, success in a job which contains much drudgery but which is never dull.

I wish to thank all—readers, contributors, cranks, anonymous tipsters, politicians, security policemen — who have helped or hindered Salient in my time as editor.

"Whatsoever we dare to thinkthat dare we also say." I hope this sentiment will long continue to be the spirit in which this paper is conducted.—H.B.R.