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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 14. 1966.

Posh pussy cult

Posh pussy cult

Sir, Your article on the Posh Pussy Cult may have a fruitful relation with an idea which is percolating through the ranks of university students.

Too often it is said: Why aren't women doing something themselves, instead of continually following in the footsteps of their betters? For example a common complaint is that few women students speak at Forum. This sad state of affairs has even occurred in the institution of the Grand Establishment. Any female student who wishes to, may Join (if she meets the qualifications, which have not yet been stated); but they are termed Camp Followers!

I appeal to fellow women students to strike against this tyranny! I suggest the formation of a Petty, or Pretty Establishment for the promotion of The Posh Pussy Cult. We could have several aims: e.g. to make sure the length of camel hair does not exceed three inches, to see that all saddlemaster brogues are made in England, and that gold lettering on leather suitcases is at least 18 carat gold. And it is obviously time for a firm policy on mini-skirts.

Alternatively there has been a suggestion to form a "black stocking-duffle coat-long hair" cult with such aims as the promotion of the Film Society, the Drama Club, and supporting the Cultural Affairs officer. However these seem to be completely contrary to the broadening aims of a university life, apart from being incompatible with the idea of The Establishment.

Pussies of the world unite, you have nothing to fear but your fur.

Rosemary Booth.