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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 13. 1966.

Our angry girl

Our angry girl

SirߞThe outburst from [unclear: y] "angry girl" makes [unclear: enjoy] reading and gains [unclear: sympa] even from parts oi the [unclear: m] population: but she leaves [unclear: r] with one question. Was [unclear: t] article written in her "[unclear: aim] at males" style, or in [unclear: t] natural manner she [unclear: cherish] so dearly?

page 5

As I have been able to understand her, to [unclear: sympath] [unclear: ed] to appreciate her views [unclear: nd], indeed, her ability as a [unclear: ter]) I must conclude that [unclear: ls] essay, too, was "rewritten [unclear: a] the masculine way." For [unclear: is] a male, enveloped by his [unclear: gic]-dominated world, must [unclear: e] grateful. But though her [unclear: ticism] may be valid it is [unclear: so] destructive and I look in [unclear: in] for suggestions which [unclear: ght] lead to reform (perhaps we were shown the first draft after all).

At the risk of being denounced for formalism, may I suggest to the "angry girl":

First, that she allow us to compare some of her work both before and after "masculisation":

Second, that she attempt to explain, using her masculine style, of course, the values in her feminine approach which she feels are being subjugated:

Third, that she suggest methods by which the male population could be educated in her feminine ways of thought.

Many men would pay dearly for such knowledge.

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P. J. H. Jenkin