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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 12. 1966.

Individual Reports From Tournament

Individual Reports From Tournament


Victoria did not have any outstanding victory against the other universities this year, but I am told that Victoria harriers were in certain respects well pleased with the results. To some extent it was a very real achievement to outrun Massey in the teams event—a feat which Victoria has not accomplished for a number of years.

The main race, held on a tough course around One Tree Hill, was won by Barry Jones of Canterbury while Victoria's individual placings were: George Seconi 12th, John Souter 13th, Geoff Rashbrook 15th, Dave Bullock 21st and Bob Wilson 22nd. The race, consisting of three laps each of 2½ miles, was dry with the course ranging from very steep to gently rolling. Otago won the teams race on a countback from Auckland. Canterbury came third with Victoria a close fourth.

The race was hard fought and the placings show to some extent the part team cooperation plays in harriers, a factor which is often underestimated in sports of this kind. The win over Massey for the first time in four years was cause for jubilation. Geoff Rashbrook was quoted as saying after the race that this event in itself "marked the resurgence of the Victoria University Harrier Club." The Sports Editor certainly hopes it does and wishes the harrier club all (he best accordingly.

Final results were: Dixon Cup: Victoria fourth with 60 points. Shackleford Cup: Victoria second out of three teams with 81 points.


Table-Tennis has been strong in Victoria for some years and this strength was proved (up to the time of the Auckland match) in a series of consistent wins, all with good margins.

In the first day of play Victoria played Canterbury, winning the series 14-7 and beating Otago by a handsome majority of 17-4. Similar wins were recorded in the second day of play when Victoria beat Massey 18-3 and Lincoln 20-1. It was at the hands of Auckland that Victoria was soundly beaten 18 games to 4, Auckland taking the championship, displacing Victoria in the process. In spite of this disappointing ending to a largely successful tournament the table-tennis team made a very real contribution to the final tournament placings and for this Victoria should be grateful.

Men's Hockey

The men's hockey team is strong in Wellington club circles and is vieing at the moment with Karon for the interclub championship. It was this experience, combined with the fitness and keenness of the team, which gave Victoria a second position behind Canterbury — a traditionally strong province in New Zealand hockey circles. In the mud and slush of Hobson Park the team obtained two well-earned victories, one over Auckland B 4-0 and in the afternoon a victory over Otago. Tuesday proved profitable and Auckland A was defeated. In meeting the national Australian universities team Victoria lost 2-1 in what was described as [unclear: B] "power" game.

It was on Wednesday that the Victoria team was soundly out-classed by Canterbury. By way of exoneration, the Canterbury side was practically of provincial standard.

The schedule was a tough one, Victoria played well and ended the tournament by placing three team members in the NZU team.


The men's squash team retained the championship Simons Shield in a series of impressive victories over the other universities.

On the Monday Victoria beat Canterbury 2-1 and later in the day defeated Auckland 3-0. On Tuesday the team won against Otago 3-0 and later repeated the performance to defeat Massey 3-0. All games were well contested by the home side and the skill of the players was well up to last year's standard.

After a series of defeats in the other sports it was refreshing to see this club retaining its championship position and the scores speak well for the experience and ability of the three-man team.

The women's team also did well, a vital link if Victoria were to retain the shield. The women's team came second to Otago.

Women's Hockey

The first day's play, for both men's and women's teams, was played in conditions reminiscent of Wellington. The driving wind and rain, the deep mud and the deep puddles were all to be found in peculiar abundance. It was under these conditions that Victoria did its best in the three days of competitions, beating Auckland 3-2 and Canterbury 4-2. When one supposes that these two centres would support better teams, the results were gratifying.

However, following these two games Victoria did not fare so well. On the second day of play they drew 1-1 with the Auckland B team and ended all hopes of regaining lost ground by losing to Massey 4-2.

As the week progressed things did not look up and on the last day Victoria was beaten by Otago 5-0.

The reasons, so I was told, for this succession of defeats, was a lack of combination resulting from too few practices. However, in all fairness good wins were achieved in what were lousy conditions even by Wellington standards.

The Sports Editor, standing wrapped in a warm coat, felt only admiration for these hardy specimens of women-hood and retains this admiration even while writing this report.

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