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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 12. 1966.

Reality more complex

Reality more complex

But reality is more complex. The tragedy of Lee, as with the New Zealand Left [unclear: a] general, was the constant [unclear: oncern] for self-righteousness. [unclear: a] denouncing Communism, [unclear: abour] was purifying its own [unclear: etrayal;] in denouncing social [unclear: emocracy] the Stalinists were [unclear: eansing] their own conciences of the purges. For Lee, Labour's betrayal is its [unclear: pudiation] of the glory of the [unclear: ast] and the "Red Flag"; the thetoric at the red dawn" is nostalgia for times and [unclear: attles] past. His refusal to [unclear: ce] the present with nothing [unclear: ore] than the platitudes of [unclear: umanism]" is symptomatic [unclear: f] the refusal of those who [unclear: ollow] in the shadow of [unclear: abour's] original pioneers to [unclear: o] any further than a Wel[unclear: re] State run by the [unclear: ational] Party.

No longer is there the fire [unclear: f] campaigns where tempers [unclear: ere] lost and interjections [unclear: fe]. The "simple on the [unclear: apbox"] is no more, and Lee defuses to attack the ossification of politics today. He can no longer visualise the society [unclear: e] once fought for in terms [unclear: f] Socialism. The fact that [unclear: ocialism] is not the reformist [unclear: ccumulation] within the capitalist social structure has not [unclear: een] fully recognised, and equally strong is the desire [unclear: ot] to recognise it. A Socialist [unclear: overnment] will not be one which will keep putting off essential measures. Socialisation of existing industry, for example, to be effective, must [unclear: e] the result of quick and [unclear: ecisive] action. To prolong [unclear: his] move will ensure that [unclear: here] will be no inducement [unclear: o] make the necessary investments and improvements, and [unclear: o] maintain efficient management. It was this that Labour refused to tackle.