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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 12. 1966.

State control or Socialism?

State control or Socialism?

John A. Lee, the [unclear: polit] commentator of today, is longer concerned with [unclear: th] who would point to the [unclear: "I] practicality" of [unclear: Socia] Instead, he points to [unclear: T] Shand and says that [unclear: he] responsible for one of [unclear: d] most important "[unclear: Sociali] industries, hydro [unclear: elect] power. What we do, in [unclear: eff] Lee says, is turn on [unclear: t] electric light and say "Do with Socialism." [unclear: Socia] who are convinced of [unclear: t] increasing relevance of Socialism should repudiate the claim that State [unclear: cont] equals Socialism. Yet this the creed of Labour, and " rejection" of [unclear: Social] amounts to no more [unclear: tha] lack of committal to the tension of State control. [unclear: T] poverty of such defences Socialism remain [unclear: someth] of an oddity, and are probably more fruitfully [unclear: examine] in the light of religious [unclear: l] liefs than an "end of [unclear: ideolo] in the New Zealand [unclear: cont]

As a writer, John Lee [unclear: H] contributed much to [unclear: a] knowledge of the past. [unclear: I] fact he is rooted in the [unclear: p] His outlook to social and economic problems of [unclear: to] would offer no inspiration students, and his [unclear: precono] tions have long been [unclear: g] credited. His ignorance the developments in [unclear: mod] [unclear: tragedy] of radicalism page 7[unclear: ommunism] can be no more [unclear: an] a hope that the days of [unclear: talin] are more preferable because in those days, good [unclear: nd] evil were clearly discern[unclear: le].