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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 12. 1966.

Move to right

Move to right

Most politicians when [unclear: s] pelled from a socialist [unclear: pa] become the upholders of [unclear: t] true faith, and become [unclear: rad] critics from the left. [unclear: H] John Lee it has resulted a further move to the [unclear: rig] Accurately pointing out [unclear: so] of the more salient [unclear: featu] of the present political [unclear: set] Lee did not conclude, as [unclear: c] might have expected [unclear: fr] someone who threatened stability, that it was [unclear: undes] able in its present static [unclear: for] On the contrary, he went great lengths to expound [unclear: h] well off we are due to [unclear: t] foresight and reforms of [unclear: c] leaders. The Welfare [unclear: St] we were told, was the [unclear: ccumulated] policy of every government over the last hundred years (with the exception the Forbes-Coates Government, 1928-33). The political " revolution " which [unclear: h] altered the face of our [unclear: soci] during this century has suited in the narrowing of abyss that had separated [unclear: o] socialists from the [unclear: capita]