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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 29, No. 10. 1966.

Landlord says tenants wreckers

page 12

Landlord says tenants wreckers

One Wellington Landlord won't take students as tenants again. He says after his last experience he's not prepared to have any more.

The Landlord, who owns a property on the Terrace, says he found the property in a filthy and damaged condition when he returned from overseas.

"The house was in a condition I'd expect no decent person to live in." the landlord told Salient. "It was absolutely filthy."

The house, which was extensively redecorated 18 months ago, was tenanted mainly by university students.

"I know that not all students are like this," he says. "But I for one won't be having any more."

He is at present repairing damage caused by his former tenants:

  • • Chairs and beds were smashed beyond repair.
  • • Holes were punched in walls and partitions.
  • • Nude pin-ups were stapled to the walls and posters stapled on to the ceiling.
  • • A larger-than-life-sized naked female was drawn on the wallpaper.
  • • One wall was extensively damaged by darts.
  • • A bed-end was broken off and bracketed to the wall as a shelf.
  • • An electric jug and iron were stolen.
  • • Substantial telephone bills were left unpaid.

The landlord has a letter from one tenant to one of his former flat-mates. In this, the writer asks the flat-mate to arrange for a desk belonging to the landlord to be forwarded to the writer's new flat (see illustration).

A commission of 15/ - was offered—and presumably paid, as the desk is now missing.

Says the landlord: "He must be a complete fool to put something like that in writing and sign his name to it."