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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 11. 1965.

[student criticism of Salient]

A NEWSPAPER editor, we are often told, should be sensitive to criticism. Well, for the information of our readers, we are. But one has to draw a distinction, at times, between being sensitive to criticism and actually doing something about that criticism.

One of the editors, sittlng in a lecture recently, overheard a conversation that burst llke hunks from a fragmentation bomb. "Read the Sunday Salient yesterday? . . . Yeah . . . Quite interesting in places. . . . Yeah I suppose so. . . . They don't do too badly for a bunch of Commos."

And that very same day the other editor engaged a sweet young lass in conversation about the recent issue of Salient that just happened to be on the lecture desk in front of them . " It's not much of a paper, is it?" she sald. " No, " our deeply wounded editor replied, huddled in his anonymity. "What do you consider is wrong with it?" he inquired.

"Oh," she replied. "It's just not interesting." She turned to page one. " I mean, look at this page. Or this page . . . or this page . . . I don't know why they bother. " Nor do we, dear girl. Nor do we .