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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 11. 1965.

Them Bags

Them Bags

Sirs,—We now have an almost completed library. We even have, provided in the foyer, racks and racks of cubicles in which to leave our bags. The racks are perhaps a little too close and the swing doors have certain fiendish tendencies. However, the inconveniences are not great.

All around the alcove in which the cubicles are there are heaters; on the floor is carpet; all along the front is a bench; and on the bench are Bags! Big bags, little bags, new bags, old bags, but infuriatingly and invariably there are bags.

From the first thing in the morning when there are few bags —and never have all the cubicles been filled—all through the day these downright antisocial lazy swine insist on leaving their ruddy great bags on the bench.

The least they could do is put them on the floor if they are incapable of exercising a little common sense and consideration. The gaps between the racks are too narrow to allow lingering there. So a thoughtful architect provided a bench for us to rest our books on while we put our bags in the cubicles—and what happens? The Bench is piled high with Bags.

It seems that there are always some people who are so selfish, lazy and antisocial, that they find themselves incapable of observing the smallest consideration for others.

S. P. M. Henderson.