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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 11. 1965.

Win To Canterbury: Good Clean Judo

Win To Canterbury: Good Clean Judo

Restricted Kyu

Canterbury well and truly earned their win with good, clean, aggressive fighting. All the members of the restricted team, except one, started Judo this year and show remarkable promise for next year's Tournament. Auckland had superiority in the groundwork and when an Aucklander obtained a hold it was seldom broken. The other teams fought well and several members show promise for next year. Points were:

Canterbury 41, 1; Auckland 31, 2; Massey 30, 3; Otago 21, 4; Victoria 13, 5.

Open Kyu

Open Kyu is the competition part of Tournament Judo, the winner of this section being judged the overall winner for Tournament Shield points. Canterbury won, with a team that has been successful in many South Island championships. Two Blue Belts and three Green Belts in the team, combined with good fighting tactics, helped them run up a total of 37 points, five ahead of last year's champion, Otago. Auckland were third with 29 points.

These three teams had an advantage over those of Victoria and Massey in that all their members were graded green belt or above. Victoria and Massey judoka fought better than their points tallies suggest, with lower grade contestants often holding an opposing higher grade to a draw. One Victoria White Belt caused a sensation by throwing a Brown Belt from Otago.

As in the restricted Kyu it was plain to see that the Aucklanders preferred groundwork and once again a Queen City hold was rarely escaped from.

Final Results: CU 37, 1; OU 32, 2; AU 29, 3; VUW 18, 4; MUM 13, 5.