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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 11. 1965.

Off The Grapevine

Off The Grapevine


Test drillings have been carried out on the site of the new biology building, which is to be built on the Kelburn Parade frontage between the Easterfield Building and the Kirk Building.

The drilling was carried out to determine the nature of the rock strata in the area. Dr. Culliford said that it was quite likely that two contracts would be let for the building—one for the foundations and another for the main building.

Ra Ra Roger

Students' Association Secretary Roger Lawrence has resigned again. Every time that he does not get his way, and every time that he feels Executive has no confidence in him (and these limes are occurring with increasing frequency and justification he resigns. And every time he retracts his resignation. Salient has now lost count of the number of resignations tendered by Lawrence this year. Lawrence has never pushed his resignation through because without the job he would be completely and utterly lost. And Executive has never sought to accept his resignation because, amongst other reasons, it knows of no other person mug enough to take on the uninteresting and unimportant job of secretary. But one day ...

Belt and Braces

A Student in an economics class comes to lectures complete with tape recorder and directional gun microphone. He faithfully records every utterance of the lecturer. It would appear that technology has been brought to bear on the problem of acquiring knowledge. And yet this technocrat seems to have little faith in his system—he takes notes as well!

Pigeon Holed

The Dominion, September 8, reports that the NZ Standards Council has produced a standard specification for pigeon holes. Only pigeon holes reaching the required specifications will be bought by the Government in future. Now we know that living creatures can, over time, adapt themselves to their environment. But can pigeons adapt themselves to a Government standard?

Plane Stolen

Thirty students of the University of New South Wales recently commandeered two motorised stairways at Mascot Airport and drove them out to a Boeing 707 that was standing on the tarmac. Eventually, the casually-dressed students were ejected by a stewardess—all, that is, except for one suited scholar who chose to remain silent until the plane was half-way to Fiji. His hostel mates paid the cost of his flight to Fiji and also 'perhaps more interestingly) the cost of his flight back The student was charged with stowing away, but the magistrate dismissed the charge when he found out that the fare had been paid.

The ride was not all joy for the student. Apparently, as soon as the plane landed in Fiji, the medical authorities pumped him full of every inoculation they could lay their hands on.

South Africa

South African Springbok manager Louw has rarely been so prophetic: "Thank you for your courage," he told an official New Zealand rugby party which visited South Africa recently. "Thank you for coming to a country no one else wants to visit or no one else wants to know anything about."

P.O. Fruit Machine

A Salient reporter who recently spent a few days in Auckland was Impressed with the gambling facilities provided by the Post Office there. In one telephone booth he inserted three pennies, pressed button B, and got back two pennies. The next time he tried to use a public telephone he put in threepence, pressed button B, and hit the jackpot. Out flowed 1.2 worth of pennies.

More Bull?

Students who thought this year's Salient lousy had better enrol elsewhere next year. Salient co-editor Hugh Rennie has been appointed editor for 1966.

City Council

City Elections are unlikely to see student candidates up for election. No students were available for the Citizens' ticket, although many were approached to stand on this or as independents. Likely candidates are understood to have refused to commit themselves for the three-year term involved, or for the two to three days per week which the Job involves.

Off The Record

Wellington Station 2YD has expressed an interest in a student programme for two hours daily—possibly in the afternoon or one hour in the afternoon and one in the evening. For the organisation of the programme, which would incorporate such topics as university news, interviews and points of view, the University Council would work alongside the Students' Association. It is proposed that this should be a non-sponsored programme but should be interspersed with advertisements.