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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 11. 1965.

NZUSA to Account — Allegations Of Waste

NZUSA to Account
Allegations Of Waste

Telegrams—across the city!

The Victoria Executive has requested the President of NZUSA to give a written explanation to all constituent universities on several matters related to the general running of NZUSA.

The main points of concern were the method of appointment of members to the NZUSA resident executive, inadequate documentation on the Samoan Study Tour and the South African Scholarship, and the mishandling of NZUSA finance.

Mover of the motion. Ross Jamieson, had a little trouble at first persuading the Chairman to accept the motion because it covered two pages and hadn't been prepared in written form for all Executive members. Mr. Jamieson pointed out that the Executive had "been discussing the matter for the last three meetings, and he at last had some facts."

The first part of the motion asked if nominations had been called for the positions on the Resident Executive of NZUSA, and requested information on the qualifications and experience of people appointed to these positions. It also expressed concern with the co-option of "immediate' colleagues" of NZUSA President Mister Taylor to the position in question.

Mr. Jamieson said that It seemed significant that all the members of Mr. Taylor's flat are also members of the NZUSA Resident Executive.

In the financial section of the motion Mr. Taylor was asked to explain needless expense by NZUSA, i.e., telegrams to Victoria University from the NZUSA office in Courtenay Place, the inadequate opportunity for consultation with the Treasurer, his misinforming Constituents about the cost of a recent President's trip around the world, and the unbudgeted expense on an accommodation survey.

The Executive also requested information on the mishandling of certain business organisations over the finance of the Samoan Study Tour. The Executive was told that at least one large firm had withdrawn their financial backing of the Study Tour because of the way they had been treated by NZUSA. As a result NZUSA had lost promised money in excess of £350.

The Executive also asked for information about an excessive quantity of NZUSA pennants that had been ordered; and about some letters concerning Arts Festival Blazers that had been backdated by Mr. Taylor.

Some members of the Executive complained that most of the matters in the motion had already been thrashed out at NZUSA Winter Council; but the Executive still managed to discuss the motion in great detail for about two hours before finally passing it.