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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 10. 1965.

If Coffee 'Nuts,' 'Bolts' Is Grog?

If Coffee 'Nuts,' 'Bolts' Is Grog?

Executive Reporter

The £50 allocation for "nuts and bolts" in the winter tournament committee's budget was queried by Mr. M. Mitchell at the July 27 meeting of the student association executive.

The query was raised during the half-hour question time which is to be set aside at every second executive meeting. At this time students can ask the executive to account for its actions.

Secretary Roger Lawrence said the £50 was for coffee for committee workers who were giving much of their own time.

Mr. Mitchell: Fifty pounds would buy a lot of coffee. Is their time worthy of £50 worth of grog, which is what the money was really for?

Mr. D. Young queried also the expenditure of £9 on drink for student election scrutineers.

Mr. Mitchell said that if the executive was not prepared to be honest and say what an item was it should not put it on a budget.

Mr. D. Griffin said the £50 had to cover a number of items besides drink.

The existence of a report on student disciplinary measures was the subject of a question from Mr. D. Young, House committee chairman John Pettigrew said such a report had been circulated to members of his committee.

Mr. A. Haas suggested the television set should be taken from the student coffee bar and placed elsewhere. It acted as an irritant and hindered the functioning of the room as a coffee bar.

Mr. Haas said he had succeeded K.L.B. as student columnist on the Evening Post and that he intended to "reflect student opinion." He placed himself at the executive's disposal if it wished to bring pressure to bear through his column.

President Chris Robertson reported that a full transcript of the Vietnam Teach-in speeches was being compiled.