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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 10. 1965.

MRA Reply

MRA Reply

Sirs,—I refer to G.E.J.L.'s article on Moral Re-Armament in Salient 7 in which he alleged that MRA gained admission into the International Club's social by a trick. Would he regard an invitation extended by a committee member to Moral Re-Armament to sing a number of songs a trick? Furthermore, the invitation was approved by the president of the club.

I would also hardly regard the songs as being political (one of them entitled "You Can't Live Crooked and Think Straight"). Many people attempt to corner MRA by saying it is political or it is religious. It is neither. It is a movement which aims to build a new world by beginning with change in ourselves. I have known MRA for many years and have seen it to be the only world ideology that can unite colour, class and creed. It has broken the grip of certain things in my own life that has made me come to know what real freedom is.

I am glad that G.E.J.L. says "MRA. like any group or individual, has the right to be heard," Let us continue to bear in mind that the means are just as important as the ends.

A. Lew

We wish to apologise to Mr. Lew for failing to print this letter much earlier, for it was originally handed in on June 21. Unfortunately, the letter was fated to be the first piece of copy we have lost this year.—Editors.