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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 9. 1965.

Mra Misled Association Says Robins

Mra Misled Association Says Robins

The Students Association did not intend to sponsor the speech by Mr. K. E. Beazley reported in the last issue of Salient.

However, MRA misled the Association into thinking it was sponsoring a general political speech.

Association President Tom Robins told Salient that he was approached by Mr. Tony Lew, who told him that Mr. Beazley, an Australian Labour MP, was in New Zealand. He asked whether the Association would be interested in inviting him to speak at the university.

Tom Robins did not know at this stage that Mr. Beazley was in any way associated with MRA.

At Mr. Lew's suggestion, Mr. Beazley was invited by letter.

Meanwhile a press report appeared of Mr. Beazley's appearance at MRA's Wanganui conference.

Mr. Robins said he asked whether Mr. Beazley's Victoria visit was anything to do with MRA, and that Mr. Lew categorically denied it.

"I told Mr. Lew that at no time before, during, or after the speech could MRA be mentioned," Mr. Robins told Salient. "I was unable to be present at the meeting and was unaware what happened until I read Salient,"

Others Say

From "Outspoke" (Auckland University) May 31, 1965.

"Mra gives no needed guidance from God for a troubled world. More than this, it seems in danger of giving the praise for their work to themselves. If we need to be re-armed against anything it is against this kind of hocus-pocus."

From Critic (Otago University) June 10, 1965. A Pocket Political Glossary.

Fellow Traveller—Person not actively supporting Moral Re-armament.

Moral Re-Armament—a set of principles (q.v.).

Principle—That which is used to justify a course of action for which there is no other justification.