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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 9. 1965.

The Stone Case

The Stone Case

In Salient 7 we reported the case of Frank Stone, an American student at this university.

In Salient 8 we published a reply, and two letters critical of our stand and our methods.

Our critics objected to our reporting, as they are fully entitled to do.

But Mr. Woods, acting-secretary of Labour, clouded the issue by referring only to the formal transactions involved in granting the renewal.

This was not our point.

Frank Stone applied in America for a visa to enable him to study in New Zealand for one year, and the NZ Embassy issued him with a six-month tourist visa.

Frank Stone arrived, and in due course applied to have his visa renewed.

The Labour Department was slow to renew his visa.

His visa lapsed, Mr. Stone became illegally present in the country.

With a bad grace, the Labour Department allowed him to complete his university year.

What we wanted to show—although perhaps we did not make it sufficiently clear—is that Mr. Stone was it quite unnecessary victim of red tape, and subject to unwarranted discourtesy.

We welcome Mr. Stone, and any other student from any other country to New Zealand. We are proud that they decide to come here, and we look with disfavour on any government policy which operates against the enjoyment of their time here.

We do not mind if Mr. Stone wishes to stay one month, one year, or one decade—provided he tells us before he comes, and this he did.

And we will not put up with rude immigration officials, with ministers and department heads who hide behind regulations and anonymous "lads."

There is a courteous way and a rude way to any solution. We say that the Labour Department chooses the rude way, and that it is high time they were stopped.