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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 9. 1965.

Western Aim

Western Aim

The Western war-aim is to smash the revolt with sufficient severity to ensure that smouldering rebellion in a dozen other poor parts of the world does not burst into open flame. Widespread rebellion of this sort could cause a crash in the somewhat unstable economy of the "Free World." The economic, political, psychological forces being exerted here are tremendous.

There is a report from the Viet-cong via Peking that the Saigon forces are actually able to kill less people now, in war, than they killed in "police" actions before the war had properly started. The truth of this report is inherently probable; but its "now" refers to the early months of 1965.

As direct American intervention increases, the situation will change. It seems clear that the Americans intend to exterminate the population in so far as they cannot subdue it.

Professional anti-Communists should be careful of the alternatives they force upon their fellow-citizens. In my considered opinion, World Communism has not for many years been guilty of anything approaching the Western action in South Vietnam, for selfishness, cynicism, savagery and stupidity. What is a man, who wishes to be fair and humane, supposed to conclude from this?

Will we be "taken over by Communism" if we do not "make a stand now?"