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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 9. 1965.



Sirs,—Your issue of June 1 carries on page 6 an approving comment on the Metropolitan Magazine. But I wish you would look at Vol. 2 No. 4 for May, and perhaps publish a further comment, for how can Salient approve of a paper which prints on its front page a cartoon depicting a Kiwi soldier being tugged in two directions: under a noticeboard inscribed "New Zealanders Concerned about Threat of Communism" are two characters, one with the Metropolitan sticking out of his pocket; under another notice-board (both credited to the Automobile Association!) saying "Communist Infiltrated Pressure Groups" two men, one with the People's Voice in his pocket and I think a weapon, the other bearded and reminiscent of Castro.

I wrote to both the Wellington papers protesting against this unasked-for propaganda being put in my letter-box. I believe the word "droppings" was used in one, but the other was irreproachable. Neither of these letters was printed. I feel muzzled, but would revive if H.B.R. would amend your published opinion on the quality of the Metropolitan Magazine.

Dora Somerville.

The comment referred to was written before the May, 1965, issue of Metropolitan was published. The comment did not endorse Metropolitan's political views, which it will be obvious from a study of his editorials H.B.R. does not share. The dropping of "propaganda" in Wellington letter boxes is a tactic of the Left as well as the Right and is hardly reproachable in either case.—Editors.