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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 9. 1965.

Rev. Mr. Thornley

Rev. Mr. Thornley

In the opinion of Rev. R. Thornley, of the Methodist Church, however, the European situation in 1939 provides no parallel with Asia in 1965. He believes it is likely that the United States policies in Vietnam will produce the opposite of what is aimed at: it will destroy cooperative relationships, drive the North Vietnamese into the Chinese camp, and sow for future generations a harvest of hatred and resentment against the West.

Mr. Thornley said that contact with Asian Christian leaders has shown that people in that part of the world are in a period of of rapid social and revolutionary change. Their chief drive is towards an increase of justice and self-determination, combined with the objective of lifting their material standard of living.

Asian countries cannot, Mr. Thornley believes, formulate their policies in terms of a simply negative approach to Communism. Bringing military action against infiltration and subversion is bound to prove futile, and presents a serious danger of all-out war. He stressed that we must never stop seeking action to end the fighting and open the door for negotiation.

"This way of peacemaking will call for costly sacrifices, possibly of pride and material standards of living. But it is a way forward that offers hope and progress for mankind."—Michael King.