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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 9. 1965.

Test of Wars of Liberation

Test of Wars of Liberation

For the Communists make no secret of their view that the Indo-Chinese war is a test of the theory of wars of liberation. General G$$lap has said it. Peking has spoken of the "liberated" area of Laos with the inference that the remainder is still to be liberated. Thailand has been warned by Communist China that it stands next in line. Malaysia's fate is then easy to imagine. Many profess not to believe in the "domino" theory.

But if we remember how recently the young nations of South-East Asia attained independence—without, like New Zealand, the blessing of protection for a century by British sea power—we must recognise that they need time to attain political stability and proceed with the economic and social development required in a modern state. The fall of one country quite obviously means an increase in the pressure on its neighbour. A glance at the map will show just how strategically significant Vietnam is and just what it would mean for all South-East Asia — including Malaysia—if it were to succumb.

Moreover, if this tactic of [unclear: t] "war of national [unclear: liberation"] which is a war of terrorism—[unclear: su] ceeds in Vietnam it will, in Communist eyes, be confirmed as [unclear: t] road to power, and it will be attempted again and again.