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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 9. 1965.



Reporter Replies: Usa Comparison Can Prove Two Things!

Sirs,—The reply from the Acting Secretary of Labour, Mr. Wood, to Salient's article on the Frank Stone case attempted to clear the Department's position a little, first, by stating that the letter was to be read in the context of the interview Stone had with the Department when applying for a visa renewal, and, secondly, by comparing the Labour Department's policy with that of the United States.

I am told that Frank Stone did not have what would be considered an "interview" in which context the letter could be considered. Instead, Stone just gave his information and application to a "girl behind a counter"; that was his interview.

The fact that the United States has stricter immigration policies than does New Zealand is true, and the need for strict policies is obvious. However, in a case very like Stone's, where I was assured by the United States Embassy in New Zealand that my visitor's visa would be readily renewable to allow me to finish my school year in the States, my visa was, as I had been assured, renewed with a very minimum of formalities and certainly no similar "business" letters.

F. D. Finlayson.

Ho Chi Who?

Sirs,—I have before me a poster taken from the club notice-board on June 1. It reads (exactly) as follows:

The Minister Of Defence The Hon Dean Eyre Speaking On Defence Commitments In The Men'S Common Room 1 Pm Wednesday 30Th Sponsor: National Club

What have we in the Men's Common Room that needs defending? To my knowledge, there is nothing in that room that would need defending, except from the inhabitants to the East.

Is not the New Zealand Government following USA lines of action too far when it interferes in the defence problems of others? On the very day of this meeting the Chief of Defence Staff said that a defence budget of £50m would be necessary next year. Is this preparation for a Government takeover of the Men's Common Room under the pretence of acting in the defence of our freedom?

To avoid later misunderstandings and the possible escalation of activities a public announcement should be made by the VUWSA President as to whether the New Zealand Government has been approached to come to our defence, and whom we are to be defended against.

D. G. Gale.

Election Policies

Sirs, Although I realise that you may no longer be associated with Salient next time Students' Association Elections are held (unless a motion of no confidence in our newly-elected Exec. is passed during the year), may I suggest that in future, to ensure the equal responsibility to the student body of those Exec. members who get in unopposed, that their policy statements and photographs be published along with those seeking election, in the Salient election issue.

One oft-heard complaint about Exec. is "I don't know any of them,'' If the unopposed members of that select body at least had a policy statement published, and perhaps gave a short policy statement at the Candidates' meeting, then they might be better known. They might also then be open to pressure to do something or anything they had promised—or even feel morally bound to carry out their stated policies, or justify their actions in the light of promises they had made.

Barbara Cowan.

Careers Next Time

The 1965 Salient Careers Supplement will appear with the next issue of Salient on August 10. This is a small booklet consisting of at least 28 pages of careers information, mainly in the form of advertisements. It will be distributed free with every copy of Salient,