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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 9. 1965.

Sports Council Considered: — Sportsman of the Year

Sports Council Considered:
Sportsman of the Year

The annual meeting of the Vuw Sports Council was held last month in the Women's Common room. Delegates from most of the university sports clubs heard chairman Tony Hassed present his annual report—opening comment: "There are a few specific items I'd like to mention specifically" — and then proceeded rapidly through the business.

Some delegates didn't appear happy with grant procedure but it was explained the new system was designed to distribute the cost of sport more equitably. Another point discussed was the anomalous situation of Sports Council electing A chairman who is not the Students' Association Sports Officer, or vice versa.

The arrangements for the Blues Dinner were discussed. It is intended to have a couple of South African rugby players and a like number of Maori All Blacks, presumably on the grounds that two blacks make a white.

Conditions for the "Sportsman of the Year" award were gone into. For reference purposes, any nominee for the award must have a VUW Blue at least, have both a good sporting and administrative record, serve on his club's committee, and be subject to Tournament eligibility.

The only lapse in an otherwise well-conducted meeting came when the chairman indulged in a little political oratory for one of the candidates in the vice-presidential election for the Students' Association Executive. When it was pointed out that this was bringing those nasty old politics into sport, the chairman desisted.

Sports Committee for the next year was elected as follows: Chairman, Tony Hassed; Secretary, John Perham; Treasurer, Dave Hogg; and Dave Hurley, Murray Boldt, Andrew Morrison and Mary Hurst. New members are Dave Hogg, who plays halfback for the University First XV; Andrew Morrison, one of the university's best cricketers; and Mary Hurst, a Wellington representative indoor basketballer.

Although not mentioned at the meeting, thanks are owed to outgoing committee members Mike Reynolds and Ross Martin. Mike Reynolds, although often criticised, put sports finances back on a sound footing and the Students' Association has a respect for the grants recommendations made by Sports Committee that it did not nave before. Ross Martin gave great service as senior VUW delegate to NZUSU, and it is to be hoped that his years of service to university sport will not be forgotten.

The meeting finished about half-past nine and people wandered off home, or downstairs to gaze in wonderment at the plins in the coffee-bar whilst the new sports committee showed their enthusiasm, or ability to do without sleep, by holding a meeting right away. TheSalient reporter was not enthusiastic and went home.