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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 8. 1965.

I Note In Your Rag... — Lawrence Is Angry

I Note In Your Rag...
Lawrence Is Angry

Sirs,—I note in your rag of June 15 a somewhat backhanded snipe at myself under the heading of "I.D. Cards." To quote you— "a booklet (containing details of concessions) is to be published. It is all organised. (So was the boycott.)" As you well know, it is at present extremely difficult to obtain concessions with the Retailers' Association and one Businessmen's Organisation having flatly refused any concessions to students whatsoever.

I say "as you well know" because it was drawn to my attention at a recent executive meeting that Salient was running their own little concessions race and the present Publications Officer. Mr. C. Robertson, was pleased to announce that Salient had obtained no less than seven separate student concessions! It was pointed out to Mr. Robertson that I had obtained four of these, and that two of the others had already been brought to my notice. The remaining one was a cut-rate subscription to the Bulletin, which I fully realise is of simply inestimable value to students. However, it is extremely petty of Salient (1) to have even thought of having a race with the Concessions Director, and (2) to have seen lit to pass comment in a way that you no doubt feel reaches the acme of satirical journalism.

For the information of you news-starved folk up there in the Editorial Room it is somewhat uneconomic to publish a Concessions Booklet until there are at least 30 concessions of some value to students (and by this I do not mean low subscriptions to the Bulletin). At present I have 13 and sometime in July I should have the rest so as the booklet can be published. It is possible that a list of the concessions available to date will be put in the Newsheet, so that students can make use of these right away.

R. S. Lawrence.

Concessions Manager.