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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 7. 1965.

You Didn't!

You Didn't!

Sir,—I read with interest bordering on incredulity the letter of G. L. D Morris regarding his alleged high-speed journey from Easterfield to the Railway Station.

I was inclined at first to disregard these ridiculous claims as those of a crank, but now I feel that the writer of the letter was the perpetrator of a tremendous hoax.

Mr.—I assume the person is a male—Morris made the trip—as he puts it, "… using only my wind and limbs …" and I ask whether he had availed himself of a meal at our University Cafeteria prior to the reputed trip.

As I said, I submit that G. L. D. Morris is a fiction—the creation of a fertile mind—in the mould of Colonel Blimp, Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snurd, L. D. Austin and others. He does not exist.

G. L. D. Morris—if in fact you do exist—show yourself, reveal yourself to the world and have your credentials examined.—I am, etc.,

M. H. Snell.