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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 7. 1965.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Does anyone know what happened after the Protest March? Does the Government intend to do anything about accommodation and bursaries? There have been reports in the papers about plans for building hostels and faculty blocks but no one seems to know just when these things are going to become concrete facts. It's all a bit vague and "castles in Spain"- ish and nobody seems to care very much—having done our bit in the march and so forth. Apathy has set in again and we've all settled back in our myopic, muddy little ruts. Still, we could capitalise on this thing. We could have an annual commemoration and take up collections to implement our bursaries. The RSA has Anzac Day, we could have Anti-Apathy Day with bands and parades, finishing the festivities at the Caff., which would be specially licensed for the occasion. In this way, we would keep the memory of our day of resolution and glory shining bright in the minds of the people and in 50 years' time those of us who took pint in this year's demonstration could make a pilgrimage back to varsity and re-cent the march, following the original route through the streets. We could even sell the movie rights to an American organisation and use the money to build a hostel. The possibilities are tremendous and it would save us the bother of yet another petition.

Cheryl Watts.