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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 6. 1965.

KLB Must Go!

KLB Must Go!

Sirs,—A frequently heard complaint around the University is the lack of publicity of student views in daily newspapers couples with poor public relations.

Every week K.L.B. gives a further instalment of the progress through Victoria of what must be the most revolting fresher ever to set foot in the place—the notorious "Jack Student." In doing so he harms the student image. I allege, far more than even the newspaper editors do when they report the multitudes of "malicious" student actions.

Originally an effort was made to inform the public about aspects of student life. Unfortunately. K.L.B.'s tone has always been one of condescension towards his readers. Is the general public so completely ignorant of university life as he assumes?

What does the general public know of the average student? We are seen during Capping week and the only other publicity received is when a student appears in court. This column is the one great opportunity to put forward our point of view, but it has rarely been done.

Now K.L.B. enunciates his view that the march to Parliament "is a wrong use of available resources," and that "Here in Wellington we have a real advantage in having Parliament so handy— Ministers of the Crown and members of Parliament generally cooperate in giving talks to students and entering into discussion." Was the Prime Minister's absence on the day of the march an example of this general co-operation in entering into discussion?


At the beginning of the latest article he says: "As it is the spirit of this column to show both sides of the coin I would like to discuss briefly why I cannot agree with the actions the students have taken over these matters...." Both sides of the coin did not eventuate, but perhaps the student side of the story will be discussed next week, or next month, or never.

Let's get rid of K.L.B. !!!!

D. G. Gale