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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 3. 1965.

Strictly Stag

Strictly Stag

Stag Party by Ron Helmer, Whitcombe and Tombs, 17/6. This book panders to the Narcissus complex in "New Zealanders who like to hear outsiders' opinions of their way of life," to quote the dust-jacket blurb.

It is dedicated to the idea that the typical New Zealander is the last of the laconic men of action who can "sink a power of beer, and a power of sex," then go out next morning at four o'clock and knock off a couple of stags. The author, who spent a large part of his time in New Zealand hunting with Barry Crump of "Good Keen Man" fame, devotes a large part of his book to describing his adventures with his fellow author.

The principle is. apparently, 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," for Crump has written a gushing foreword to the book. Helmer also manages to include a sex-maniac's tour of Auckland, suggestions on how to defraud the customs, and his experiences while sailing around the coast of New Zealand.

The impression that the reader gets is that it is all a re-hash of Crump with a Canadian accent. At best, it provides a couple of hours of mediocre light reading.