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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 3. 1965.

Cornwall Welcomes You

Cornwall Welcomes You

As Social Controller on Executive, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all freshmen and freshettes. Now that Orientation is over, most of you have, I hope, participated in the various activities presented during the last two weeks. These functions were primarily designed to help you appreciate in a comparatively short space of time, a comprehensive range of clubs and societies, the scope of our Students' Associations services, and to appreciate and understand the University as a whole. The attendances at these occasions—particularly the Freshers' Day activities, and the Commencement Ball, were gratifying, indicating that most freshers like the Idea of being orientated.

At this stage, with the academic year well under way, you should have decided in which clubs and societies your interests lie. Much depends on the amount of time you feel you can spare—but for relaxing and 'enjoying yourself outside studies, otherwise your year will be rather uninteresting Some things, like capping activities — procesh, cappicade and extravaganza, are early in the year; others such as rugby, tramping, skiing, require more time, than for instance does the Film Society, the Philosophical Society or the Faculty Clubs. Another outlet, where a rewarding and satisfying contribution to student affairs can be made, is in committee work; such committees as House Committee, and International Affairs welcome new ideas.

So it comes to this; now that orientation is over the rest of your time spent at Victoria is yours to spend, whether as a person who is content to remain in his little shell; or as an irresponsible, carefree, bearded individual out to enhance the 'student' reputation, or preferably as one who is mainly concerned with his units but wants to make new friends and do new things while enjoying himself.

I will also, at this stage, thank on behalf of the Social Committee, the many students who contributed to Orientation and its success. This willing help and time given by students, unfortunately too many to name, made this Orientation the best yet. In particular, the work done by Rick Ronald as Orientation Controller, Heather Nicols, Sue Wild and Ray Boyd is really appreciated.

A special word also, to the staff members and administration and to the clubs who participated— thank you all for your effort— J. Andrew Cornwall, Social Controller, 1965.