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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 2. 1965.

Students Misled? — Confusion in Courses

Students Misled?

Confusion in Courses

Salient Reporter

Many students wishing to take Asian Studies appear to have been misled by information in the University calendar.

They have expressed a wish to take Asian Studies as a full programme, but have been discouraged from doing so by the calendar. In the calendar there is a long explanatory section telling students that there will be a gradual phasing out of Asian Studies in its present form.

The last paragraph states that "Students who commence the course in 1964 or thereafter will only as the equivalent of a proposed Introductory course and not as the first stage of subject to be taken to Stage 2 or 3." This is in fact not the case. The Asian Studies Department is accepting students at Stage 1 and 2 level on the understanding that they will be able to pursue their studies to Stage 3.

This error was drawn to the attention of the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Williams, by a Salient reporter. He agreed that the in formation must have been reprinted from last year's calendar without correction. It is under stood that no calendar page proofs were ever received by the Asian Studies Department before the calendar went to press, and they had no opportunity therefore to correct the information before the calendar went to press. Salient also brought the position to the attention of the convenor of the Asian Studies sub-committee, Professor R. H. Brookes, Pressed to clarify the position Professor Brookes stated that the Asian Studies Department had been indicating to students that a possibility existed that Asian Studies 2 and 3 could become available again. He emphasised that no guarantee could be given that this would occur.

Many students have refrained from enrolling in Asian studies because of the impression, gained from the calendar, that they cannot advance any further in this subject.

Student now wishing to enroll in Asian Studies are able to in Asian Studies are able to change their course. No additional expense will be incurred if the Registrar is notified before March 31, 1965

The calendar also conveys a misleading impression about the staff-strength of the Department It list the name of one staff member only—Dr. Kurian. Although it does state "other appointment pending" this does not give any indication of the extent of these appointments. These appointments have in fact resulted in a four-fold increase of academic staff.

Mr W. J. Hall will be continuing as a lecturer again in 1965.

Mr. D. C. Batacharyya will be "on loan" from the Economics Department this year to lecture on Asian economic.

The most recent addition is that of the Director of the Asian Studies Centre. The Director was chosen at the last meeting of the University Council.

Mr. P. O'Brian, students' representative on Council, announced this at the Students' Executive meeting on the second of March. The new Director's name has not yet been released for publication but it is known she is an Indian woman at present holding a position at the Ministry of Defence in New Delhi.

It is expected that, as a result of the misleading information contained in the calendar, the number of students enrolling for Asian Studies will be much lower than the number earlier anticipated Some senior Asian Studies students fear that the reduced Asian Studies roll may be used a a justification for a reduced financial vote. This could lead to a reduction of staff and facilities, which in turn could result in the ultimate disappearance of Asian Studies from Victoria University.