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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 28, No. 1. 1965.

Fees — University



This year students will be paving one consolidated fee to the University instead of the three separate fees that were payable in previous years.

The student used to pay a university fee, an examination fee for each paper he sat, a tuition fee for each subject he took, and in the case of some units a note fee (for materials handed out during the year) or a laboratory fee, which ranged from 10/- to £2.

The consolidated fee was worked out for the whole University system with the aim of simplifying the fee structure, while retaining approximately the same cost for a given degree. Where this cost was different, it was decided that the consolidated figure should aim to be lower rather than higher than the old figure.

The computation whereby the consolidated fees were derived are as follows:

The average number of units taken by a student in New Zealand is 2.5. Hence the University fee (£3/3/-, payable annually) is allocated at £1/5/ - per unit. The note fee, on average, is 5/ - per unit. Therefore the cost of a given unit is the sum of the tuition fee, the examination fee, the university fee portion £l/5/ - and the not? fee (5/ -), or the laboratory fee. This sum is then "rounded" and becomes the consolidated fee. Examples of how this process was carried out are given below:

The consolidated fees of various units are:

Arts units 20
Science Units (lectures only) 20
Science Units (including laboratory) 30
Law Units of the LLB degree 20
Commerce Units (except Secretarial Practice and Trustee Law) 20
Secretarial Practice and Trustee Law 10
Music Units peculiar to MusB and DipMus 10
Diploma in Education Units (excepting second - year thesis) 10
Diploma in Fine Arts, individual Units 15
Unit Tuition Univ. Notes Labs Exams Total 'Rd'
Stage I Arts ... 15-15-0 1-5-0 5-0 __ 2-4-0 19-9-0 20
Geography II ... 18-18-0 1-5-0 5-0 __ 2-4-0 22-12-0 20
History III ... 15-15-0 1-5-0 5-0 __ 3-6-0 20-11-0 20
Chemistry II ... 25-4-0 1-5-0 5-0 2-0-0 2-4-0 30-18-0 30
Physics III ... 25-4-0 1-5-0 5-0 10-0 2-4-0 29-8-0 30
Zoology II ... 25-4-0 1-5-0 5-0 1-0-0 2-4-0 29-18-0 15
Law units of LLB. 12-12-0 1-5-0 5-0 __ 1-2-0 15-4-0 15