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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 10. 1964.

Sporting Notes

page 6

Sporting Notes

Sport at Victoria is the subject of these notes. A brief resume of recent activity in each will indicate trends and developments for the interested.

University Fencers are holding onto their high standard from last year. Although beaten by the Aussies, they did as well as the other universities, and better than most. A majority representation in the NZU men's foil, epee and sabre squads, and two of four in the women's foil squad, shows here is one sport that this University has the others pinned.

The Thud-and-Bash rugby boys are having a good season, four teams at the top of their respective grades and the remaining nine teams fairly well up in most cases. Particularly heartening is the success of the under-20 team. Perhaps it won't be necessary for half the first team not to be students in the future.

With a Membership Of about 70 practising regularly, Judo Club may soon show improvement. There is plenty of enthusiasm, as shown by the dance held by the club earlier in the year. However, the lack of members graded above blue belt is rather unfortunate.

Indoor Basketballers are holding their own with a very respectable win-loss record in the downtown A and B grades, although the third and fourth teams are struggling somewhat. The club has four members in the Wellington Representative squad, a very fine achievement considering the Capital's high standard.

A Sad Story here. Vic Harriers have failed to distinguish themselves at all, even being beaten by Massey. However, the club has been singularly cursed with injuries to the top runners. Attendance at club runs has been good, but there are not enough runners training regularly for the club to have the strength of former years.

Volleyball Club is going well but needs more support from students. This is a fine game for all shapes and sizes, so come along to the Gymnasium some Thursday evening about eight, and find out for yourself. There are several other activities being run in the Gymnasium worthy of better support, so think about it. Healthy mind in healthy body. . . .

The VUW Men's Hockey Club has 50 active playing members. Four teams play in the local competition every Saturday. The Senior team is winning the senior championship for the third year in succession, having won it first in 1962. All other teams are highly placed in their respective grades. Two members of the senior team have very good prospects for a trip to the Olympics at Tokyo this year.

Although Only a small club, deerstalkers have a hard core of enthusiasts. A successful slide evening was held recently, though clashing with the late lamented AGM, and a display in the activities room on the 15 and 16 of this month could be worth having a look at.

The Badminton and Ski clubs appear to be thriving with increased memberships and interest. Golf club is active, and the Table Tennis club is running a large number of teams in the local interclub. Soccer club has six teams in various grades, and while not being outstanding, enthusiasm is on the increase.

Generally, most clubs are going concerns, but an improvement is going to be needed if Winter Tournament is not to be the fiasco of former years, Victoria sports clubs have well-run social functions; but training produces better results—beer is an Inefficient fuel.