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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 10. 1964.

New Charter for ISC!

New Charter for ISC!

Amidst Loud and prolonged applause, and after an all night session, the Eleventh International Student Conference unanimously adopted a new Charter, which will transform the body.

The Charter pledges its member National Unions of Students to strive for the ideals of the free university, the free society and world peace, and to struggle against oppression in all its forms. Specifically cited were imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, totalitarianism, racism, dictatorship, social injustice and militarism. To implement the aims of the body more effectively, the Charter contains important provisions as to structure which will transform the ISC from a periodical conference into a permanent organisation.

Provisions in the Draft Charter include the granting of powers to the permanent Secretariat to initiate new programmes in the inter-conference period, and the delegation of power to the Supervision Committee to grant and review membership statuses of National Unions of Students. A special category of membership—Associate Status—was created for organisations which meet the structural requirements of a National Union of Students and wish to co-operate with the International Student Conference, but are unable to subscribe fully to the Charter.

Caution marked the attitude of many delegates towards extending the powers of the permanent organisation. A number of Unions warned against the dangers of vesting too much authority in the Secretariat and the Supervision Committee, particularly in the matter of granting and reviewing membership status. Several amendments to the Draft Charter clarifying the subordination of the permanent bodies to the conference were passed.

The Charter takes effect immediately.