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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 10. 1964.

Bairding the Lion

Bairding the Lion


The function of the student is to set an example in tolerance and free thinking to the rest of the community, which is more prone to reactive thinking and stock responses, and nowhere in New Zealand is this need greater than in Wellington.

I would therefore support your criticism of Mr. Baird and Miss Benefield in relation to the Max Riske issue. Mr. Baird's statement could almost have been lifted from the correspondence columns of Time magazine.

I wonder if Mr. Baird really knows what he means when he says he "must oppose Communism at every opporcunity"? If he is going to publicize his life-mission I suggest that he attempt to substantiate his philosophy and explain to a very interested reader why a "Christian" should be opposed to a thoroughly practical method of raising the living standards of underdeveloped countries.

Has Mr. Baird forgotten the zeal with which 19th century Christian missions attempted to disorganise such countries? I am sure I would prefer Communist assistance to Christian assistance, on the basis of the total failure of the latter.

I am etc.,

Ian Mitchell

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