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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 10. 1964.

Entertaining A G M

Entertaining A G M

From the opening minute when the meeting was challenged on constitutional grounds, until 12.30 a.m. when it lapsed for want of a quorum, the Victoria University Students' Association's annual meeting provided entertainment if nothing else. The meeting was held in the Memorial Theatre on June 25.

Before he could call for apologies, President Blizard was interrupted by Richard Shorter who declared the meeting unconstitutional. He claimed that the special meeting held in March had not been closed but only adjourned and that the annual meeting could not proceed until the special meeting had been closed.

Although Mr. Shorter's point of order was not successful, it delayed the agenda for 40 minutes.

A move to have the election results, item 11 on the agenda, announced at the beginning of the meeting was also lost after President Blizard had claimed that once the election results had been announced he would have to close the meeting immediately. This discussion on this question was also rather prolonged.

The mysterious appearance of "D.B. Lager" on the membership list of the Cultural Affairs committee included in the annual report produced a general consensus of opinion that his contribution had been a valuable one and that if his attendance had not been 100 per cent in body at least he had been there in spirit; there was even a suggestion that he might be invited to the sub-committee's party.

A note of maturity was introduced by new exec treasurer Tony Ashenden, who bewildered some of the less enlightened with utterances of such profundity as "Mr. Question. I would like to ask a chairman."

The president's report contained the sentence: "Get behind the new executive and give them the cooperation you nave shown over the past year."

Dave Wright moved that this be amended to: "Get behind the new executive and kick them until they do something."

In the following debate Jonty Markham suggested it would be grossly obscene to get behind them for any other reason. The motion was lost.

By 12.30am only three of the 11 items on the agenda had been dealt with and the meeting was without a quorum.