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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 8. 1964.

Many Blamed For Few

page 2

Many Blamed For Few

While selling Cappicade in Wellington, several irate members of the public wanted me to explain why students had performed "Black Mass," a realistic murder, and other dubious activities. "Why should students get away with such stunts when other members of society would be heavily censured?"

The irresponsible students who behave in this manner are very much a minority group. Extremists occur in all walks of life, but student actions are widely publicised because they provide news, and are usually original. There was little coverage for the legitimate "Procesh" which attacked apartheid, the need for improved and more student accommodation, the Taj Mahal, the new "beehive" Parliament building, and other topics of general controversy. A very small paragraph noted that a "For Sale" notice had been hung on the Dominion Building, but the necessary pedestrian crossing painted at the dangerous Salamanca Road-Kelburn Parade junction was a deplorable outrage, considered worthy of Dominion frontpage headlines!

The majority of the general public seem to be influenced by scandals printed in Truth, and other such newspapers. Perhaps if they read the small paragraphs on the sixth page, they should near of the help New Zealand students give to overseas students, funds raised for conventions, money raised for charities, activities of the student Christian societies, and successes in the Varsities.

Considering that there are eighteen thousand students In New Zealand, "atrocities" are few. Generalisation, based on partial Ignorance is a common fault, but to misquote Sir Winston Churchill: "Never has so much, been blamed on so many, for so few!"