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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 7. 1964.

[editor's reply]

There is a very delicate line between calling a person a Communist and saying other people thought he was a Communist. We suggest that Mr. Baird's elephantine tread could not but rupture anything delicate in this connection.

If Baird did not say He thought Max Riske was a Communist, why did he introduce the subject at all? If, as he claimed later, he merely wanted to replace Max Riske with Armour Mitchell as a speaker at Grad. Dinner, again why did he drag up Riske's political affiliations?

Finally, we are disgusted with the face-saving tactics Baird has resorted to. President Blizard and Helen Sutch, who were at the meeting, have confirmed that Salient s report was accurate. How then can Baird maintain it wasn't (clause (3) of his letter)? Most damning of all why didn't Baird mention these inaccuracies When he Read the Report before it was Printed?