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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 7. 1964.

Dry Procesh?

Dry Procesh?


While "Procesh" is still fresh in our minds, some thought should be given to one of its least desirable aspects. I refer to the public beerdrinking display put on by one truckload of students. I cannot see what purpose this "float" was meant to serve and I fear that most onlookers would have regarded it with similar lack of enthusiasm.

On capping day the public is prepared to extend the bounds of its tolerance and watch, even enjoy, whatever the students turn on lor them, provided that it is reasonably clever or humorous and not downright obscene, but there was nothing even remotely clever or humorous about this drinking exhibition.

If students want to celebrate graduation in the time-honoured way what is wrong with the pub, graduation ball or private parties? Why do some have to attempt to prove that they are no longer children by showing off their capacity for beer to the entire city?

The bad taste and lack of maturity displayed by the few would scarcely warrant comment if it were not for the damage it could do to the public usage of the university. Many people are very willing to condemn students in general as a pack of beery sots, and this sort of exhibition seems to justify their opinion.

In the interests of preserving good public relations let us exclude this element from next year's "Procesh."

Yours faithfully,

G. F. Thompson