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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 6. 1964.

World Record Club

World Record Club

As one of the more enterprising record companies, with an extensive repertoire of artists and music, World Record Club deserves separate mention in these columns. Listed amongst their labels—World Record, Record Society, Connoisseur Series, Opera Series, etc.—is a wealth of music, ranging from Toscanini to Bud Shank, from Scarlatti to Shostakovich; historic re-issues and first releases. It undoubtedly enjoys tremendous public support.

Neapolitan Songs Beniamino Gibli (tenor). World Record CO 484.

The items on this disc—put out on World Record's new Connoisseur Series label—probably span a period of some twenty-five years. They include everything from La Danza to Funiculi' Funicula' and the quality of the singing alternates accordingly: from the over-emotionally lachrymose to well-controlled bel canto. Most of the transfers are showing their age as recordings—still for those who think Gigli's one of history's great voices . . .

Strauss, Horn Concerti Nos. I and 2. Dennis Brain/Philhar-monia Orchestra/Sawalliseh. Record Society RZ 6088.

Still yet, after some nine years, a first-rate piece of recording and artistry. Dennis Brain, the exponent of the french horn is ever at home amongst the tricky devices employed by Strauss in orchestration; the rapid phrasing in harmonics, dropping octaves and demanding breathing control. Definition between soloists and orchestra is fine, as is the overall recording (no trouble in the tuttis notice). The only available disc of these wonderful concerti, it should eventually rank in the "forgotten greats series" alongside Furt-waengler's Wagner recordings and Toscanini's Beethoven.

Vistas D'espana. Music by Albeniz and Turina. Laurindo Almeida (guitar). Record Society 6087.

Maybe it's too much of a good thing (forty minutes of solo guitar playing) but then again the company caters to a specialised audience. Almeida's surefire plucking out of these notable Iberian compositions hasn't been bettered, not by Segovia. Recording is exceptional lending a very favourable stance to the guitar.