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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 6. 1964.

Keep Vic Pure

Keep Vic Pure

Dear Sir,—I note that at last the men who administer our university have decided to cut out our dead wood. Over one hundred students have been excluded, at least eight months before the majority would be leaving the university anyway. I trust the practice will become an annual rite. The benefits to us as a University will be enormous. In five years time our role will be 6,900 instead of 7,000 (400 of the 500 students excluded would have left anyway). 100 worthy students who otherwise would have been turned away will be welcomed to the University. (I await Dr. Williams' report on the number of students who have been turned away for lack of space).

And Sir, the saving to the taxpayer will make the government love us. All those unsatisfactory students who would have been paying full fees will go, and their places will be filled by the most worthy of the multitude waiting to take their place. All the money that would have been spent building more space for the two or three unsatisfactory students attending each lecture (and these students are all about us) will be spent on space for more worthy students.

And Sir, the public will love us. They know that graduates are fine people. They know that students are mostly a rotten lot. Throw out the rottenest, Dr. Williams. Keep our University pure. Then the public will give us Halls of Residence.

Yours Sincerly,

John McMurray.