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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 6. 1964.

New Constitution And Chapel Under Pilchforth

page 7

New Constitution And Chapel Under Pilchforth

My past experience has taught me that is is possible to be efficient in administration while still allowing the traditional liberal attitude to the Association's business taken by most of the volunteer workers. If it were not for these people the work of the Association would grind to a halt. It is essential that the President keeps in close contact with these people as well as the members of Executive Sub Committees.

The S. U. B.

This is managed by the Management Committee and the Executive through the house committee. Considerable confusion has arisen because executive members have not realised that the work of the executive and the Management committee through its Managing Secretary are complementary. Students have of course a majority on the Management Committee and I undertake to ensure that the views of the executive are expressed in the Management Committee.

The third floor is of great importance because of the growing numbers. The higher priced dining room is a good idea because students entertaining their parents or clubs entertaining speakers and important visitors can get the better service which is often wanted. The many services which have been proposed and have been dropped through lack of space can be revived to a certain extent, but things such as barbers and bookshops have to be carefully considered. We are only at varsity for 26 weeks in a year and commercial people working in the building would have to have some other method of money making if they are to survive, particularly through the long vacation.


This is desirable but not practicable at the moment. Over the years many suggestions have been mooted and the past President campaigned using the bookshop as his platform. He did make some enquiries after he was elected but there is still no bookshop and I feel that anyone who promises a book-shop will have great difficulty in producing one. There must be somewhere to put it, someone to run it, capital to start it and sufficient demand to ensure it does make a profit at times other than the beginning of the year. The only practical suggestion so far is the co-operative but this has many difficulties to overcome including the breaking of monopolies.


I have spoken to the executive at length on this subject and they undertook to see me, and when this was done I was to prepare a draft. Then has been little action taken since, as only one member of the executive came to see me. I will finish this work and when it is in a form which is acceptable to the executive it will be placed before the General Meeting.


Efficient administration is a necessity. As a matter of policy I will try to ensure that what can be done by paid personnel shall be done leaving students free to do the policy work. As we expand we shall need more office staff and this will be attended to as the necessity arises.


The Victoria delegation to council complained that liason with other universities was almost nil. This is of course the job of the President, to ensure that we do not become isolated. With the NZUSA office so close it is essential that both organisations remain separate and that one does not dominate the other. Each does a different job and represents a different type of organisation. It is also essential that the President consults the executive before going to council so that the views of the executive can be put forward.

This year split delegation meant that the views of Victoria were not considered to have as much weight as other universities.

Halls of Residence.

Victoria needs halls of residence and this can only be done in co operation with NZUSA. This is a national problem and concerns Auckland and Canterbury as well as ourselves. Victoria should help in every way particularly by putting pressure on the Government to require them to take a course of action which includes the building of Halls of Residence with other University buildings.

Future Developments.

The University have planned their future building programme for some time to come. By the time this is completed the facilities for students will be far too small unless action is taken now to ensure that there is adequate Common Room space, Cafeteria and Coffee Bar Room.


As the chairman of the Quietroom committee I have initiated proceedings to start a Chapel Appeal Committee. I am still waiting for an assurance of support from the Religious clubs but members of the quietroom committee who represent these clubs seemed to think that there was a need for this facility. I shall ensure that a positive action should be taken on this issue.


The 11th Internation Student Conference is to be held in Christchurch. This is our chance to show that N. Z. has an effective National Union. This can only be done if the people involved are aware of the situation. Having been on NZUSA executive for over a year I have been kept in close contact with the developments.

Personal Contact.

If any student wishes to see me, as president, I will be available. The president is your primary representative as a student. I am still studying for a degree so I am subject to the same pressures as most of the undergraduate population.


A Law student, aiming to graduate in two ears, Roger Pitchforth has had three years experience in the administration of student affairs. He has spent two years of the VUW Executive, as House Committee Chairman and Secretary. He was Secretary of NZUSA last year, and is Administrative Vice President this year. Also, he has spent two years on the management committee of the student union and is now chairman of the Quiet Room committee where he is at present organising an appeal for a chapel at Victoria. He belongs to the SCM and the Judo Club.

He plans to redraft the Constitution to distribute decision making.