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Salient: Victoria University Students' Paper. Vol. 27, No. 6. 1964.

Action for Bursaries and Accommodation says Taylor

page 5

Action for Bursaries and Accommodation says Taylor

It is my intention if elected to represent the students of this University.

Executive has been dominated by semi-bureaucrats for too long. Its members have been seemingly uninterested on the views of students, and in what the students really want. This is in part, the fault of the students themselves, but it is my hope that with a greater Executive-student liason, this apathy can be overcome. The Executive should lead the student body. It should not limit students' rights to voice their opinions on policical, economic, religious and social problems, as was done by the out-going Executive.

University social life is organised around Club activity-but at the present time, there is little or no co-operation or co-ordination between clubs. I would like to promote a Clubs' Council which would provide for the meeting together of every Club President and Secretary at periods throughout the year. This Council in conjunction with the Executive, could contribute a great deal to the discussion and formulation of student policy.

Additional and important co-ordination could come throught the instituting of a Political Clubs' Council and a Religious Clubs' Council, in addition to the present Sports' Council. (a body which needs much reinvigoration

Student Accommodation.

As Chairman of the recently formed Sub-committee investigating Student Accommodation, 1 have strong views on this problem. It is the most important problem facing students today. In five years' time, over 2,500 students will require accommodation. Present plans (if successful) will provide for 750 only.

I propose the following steps :-

A central accommodation organisation to fulfil all student accommodation requirements from year to year, and to act as guarantor for students to landlords. This latter would result in a great increase in the flats available to students, and a substantial decrease in rent. If successfully practised it could also possible cut out the land agents exorbitant fees.

An investigation into possibility of Students Association investing money in the acquisition of flats etc.

More direct pressure on the Government for further Halls of Residence-provided either by way of cash grants higher and more attractive interest rates for loans for This purpose, or tax reductions.

University Bookshop

The outgoing Executive has been noticeably slow in investigating the proposal mooted by President Blizard. A Student bookshop on the campus is a necessity, and should be incorporated in the New Student Union Building Extensions-even at the cost of losing the "Higher Priced Dining Room". The difficulty is the effective combatting of a price war which could easily cripple such an enterprise. My proposal is to set up a co-operative organisation open to all students with all members able to buy books at a price only slightly below store prices. However, at regular intervals, all members would receive cash payments, equalling 20 or 30 per cent reduction, according to the worth of the books purchased.

Students' Union Building.

There can be no denial that students should have some right to decide what is to happen in their building. If I am elected, I undertake to do all possible to ensurs that students' wishes are represented before the Building extensions are commenced. I am against any such proposal as the "Higher Priced Dining Room", which could lead to discrimination amongst students. I am against bureaucratic authority which decides what is best for students without consulting them. Some examples-the closing down of the coffee bar earlier in the year the proposal that students will have to buy dance tickets on the Thursday before a Saturday dance (to limit the numbers !)


This is another of the everlasting problems which demands investigation. High living costs mean that the present bursary system is most inadequate. Travelling bursaries and research grants to those completing degrees would create an added incentive to student, and a higher standard of learning.

Public Relations

The formation of a good public image is of importance. Wellington citizens must be made more aware of the worth and ability of the majority of the student body. All students must be encouraged to participate in University Festivals, and All citizens must be informed by adequate publicity of proposed Student activity.

Overseas Students:

It is my opinion that overseas Students need more help and encouragement from New Zealand Students-not only to make them more welcome, but to give them a better understanding of this country to take back to theirs. More study weeks, like Indonesia Week are required. Adequate university accommodation should be provided to enable overseas students to gain immediate entrance to university affairs.

The most important factor to combat is discrimination not only amonst landlords but amongst the students themselves.


A third year B. A., LL. B. student, majoring in Political Science and International Politics, Alister Taylor has had extensive organisational and administrative experience in business and committee work within and without the University.

Receiving his secondary schooling at Palmerston North Boys' High School he took such an active part in all activities he was accused once of trying to 'run the school'. He is also a sometime Bible class chairman and youth leader.

Active in many University Clubs, Alister Taylor is president of the National Club, secretary of the Political Science Society, and chairman of the new Student Accommodation Investigating Sub-Committee. He has also been selected to attend the National Youth Forum, and a later Public Affairs Discussion Group.